MBS ITEMS – Quick Reference Guide

MBS Items - Quick Reference Guide

Due to the recent changes to the OMPs Program and MBS Billing, we have put together a quick reference guide. The table below provides a snapshot of commonly billed items for General Practitioners. Please keep in mind, eligibility to bill the new items for Non-VR General Practitioners is dependent on your practice location.

Commonly Billed Items –


Please note: the A7 MBS items group is specifically for non-vocationally recognised GPs. They are the ‘medical practitioners’ referred to in the July 2018 MBS Item Schedule. References to ‘general practitioner’ in other item groups mean a ‘vocationally recognised GP ‘or a doctor who is participating on one of the ‘other medical practitioners’ (OMPs) program, such as ROMPs and AHOMPs.  



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