STATEMENT: PR + NON-VR = 19AA Medicare Restrictions!

PR + NON-VR - 19AA Medicare restrictions!

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This Week’s Question…?


STATEMENT: PR + NON-VR = 19AA Medicare Restrictions!


I know this is something we post about A LOT however; I’ve come back from the weekend to more enquiries about 19AA & the 3GA programs!


Here are the solid gold truths-


  • If you get Permanent Residency as a GP, you will need to stop working until you’ve been enrolled onto a 3GA program.


  • The programs are RLRP, RVTS, AMDS, ACRRM Independent Pathway, AGPT & SAPP.


  • If you don’t have GP Experience, it is going to be difficult to get onto RLRP, RVTS & AMDS. ACRRM IP & AGPT have lengthy application processes and SAPP is for extenuating circumstances.


  • While SAPP has broadened its scope, it isn’t that broad. Without a good reason, it’s unlikely you’ll get an exemption.


  • If you choose not to access Medicare and continue working privately billing your patients, you will need to apply for a refer & request provider number to be able to refer patients and request pathology.


  • The point of this week’s ‘question’ (which is actually a statement this week!) is not to discourage you from applying for PR or from being a GP- it is to encourage you to do your research and have a plan in place prior to taking steps towards either.




A GP who is a PR or citizen who is a Non-VR (has not completed fellowship) is restricted by 19AA, requiring you to be on a 3GA program before you can access Medicare.

Read in more depth about the 3GA programs and 19AA here:

An IMG PR will be restricted by both 19AA & 19AB.


If you’re thinking of applying for PR and you’re not sure if you’ll be eligible for a program, contact our team. We are here to help!


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