What courses are you doing to increase your skills and have the ability to bill restricted Medicare items?

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Is a question for YOU to answer… 

What courses are you doing to increase your skills and have the ability to bill restricted Medicare items? 


As a General Practitioner… 

You treat your patients as a whole- you are the Specialist in Life (to quote RACGP). This means that quite often, you do additional training to be able to help your patient demographics. Medicare has specific item numbers that practitioners can bill if they’ve completed certain courses i.e. Mental Health Level 1 & Level 2.  


Creating a Knowledge Base 

A lot of the doctors I speak to aren’t aware of these courses, and how they can maximise their potential. In line with the MBS Quick Reference Guide, I’d like to have a guide for doctors seeking to increase their skill set & identifying courses that can be done.  


How Can You Help? 

So many of you have done these courses- tell me about them! Tell me what course you did, with the Medicare item numbers it allows you to bill.  


How Can We Help? 

We’re going to create a quick reference guide with this information to help you grow!


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