Will sitting multiple PESCIs affect my application to AHPRA?

Will multiple PESCI affect my AHPRA application

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Will sitting multiple PESCIs affect my application to AHPRA?


Yes- absolutely!

Yes- AHPRA gets a copy of all your PESCI results, including the unsuccessful ones, and has the ability to access prior (or current) applications and PESCI results.


It means that if you’ve completed multiple PESCIs for the same position, they will want a detailed explanation as to why you’ve sat multiple PESCIs and what you’ve done to ensure success in the most recent PESCI.


What if it is across multiple different applications and jobs?

This means if you’re applying for multiple PESCIs across multiple positions- AHPRA knows.


I’ve sat multiple PESCIs- what do I do now?

Your supervision plan needs to include information about the recommendations from the PESCI panel from ALL PESCIs you’ve completed.


A few additional facts about PESCIs?

The results last for 12 months and are position specific. This means that transferring it to another role is difficult and often unlikely, unless the roles are similar in demographic.


How can we help?

If you have questions about PESCIs, AHPRA or require help with the paperwork then please contact our team. We are here to help!  


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