Goodbye OMPs!

Goodbye OMPs

From the 1st July, General Practitioners without Fellowship (Non-VR GPs) no longer have access to A1 Rates in any instance, excepting those who are on OMPs or one of the Registrar training programs.  


Previously, Non-VR GPs were able to bill A1 rates for items such as care plans and health assessments (for example) however from July, they’re now billing “A7” rates that are 20% less than the A1 rate.  


If you’re not sure what you’re supposed to be currently billing, take a look at our Quick Reference Guide:  


For changes still to come, please be aware that: They are abolishing the OMPs Programs… 

From November 1st 2018, no further applicants will be accepted via any of the OMPs programs.  


GPs currently approved on the program will be able to continue billing the higher items up until June 30 2023. There will be no extensions after this date and participants will need to continue to comply with the program guidelines.   


In a statement from Access Programs at Department of Health:

Grandfathered participants will be able to access the OMPs in new positions as long as the new position is in an eligible locations for the OMPs program the practitioner is on.  For example, if a medical practitioner is working in on the Rural Other Medical Practitioner (ROMPs) program moves to another rural location that is also eligible for ROMPs (ie in a RRMA 4-7), they will be able to access the ROMPs program in that new location.  In this situation, if the medical practitioner was moving to a metropolitan location that is not eligible for the ROMPs program, their access to the higher value items would cease.” 


MOMPs program participants will continue to have access indefinitely to A1 rates indefinitely. The MOMPS Program (MedicarePlus) is for GPs registered prior to 1996.   


What are the new item numbers & are there incentives to work rural? 

Doctors choosing to work rurally after November 1st 2018 will continue to see incentives although not at the same rate as they did previously via ROMPs. 

 Metro (MMM1): 

  • continue using A2 rates (currently at 60% of the VR item number) 
  • continue using A19 for PIPs(60%) 
  • other services can use the new subgroups which are 80% of the VR rate 

Rural (MMM2-7): 

  • All new items under A7 


If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our team at [email protected] 


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