How do I prepare an AHPRA CV?

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AHPRA doesn’t have a template prepared for their CVs like RACGP and ACRRM do, but they have outlined what needs to be included in a CV that is being submitted to them.

Below is a basic structure for an AHPRA CV:

  1. Personal details

Include your name, address, phone number and email address

  1. Qualifications obtained

Include the year you obtained it, the name and address of the facility and the qualification title

  1. Bridging Programs/ Qualifying Exams

Include the date, Facility (including the address) and your results 

  1. Clinical and procedural skills

Provide a list of all clinical and procedural skills under either observed and competent. 

  1. Work/ practice history 

Include all current and previous work history with the following:

  1. Start and End dates
  2. Position title (include full-time/part-time and hours of work)
  3. Facility (including address)
  4. Responsibilities 

You will also need to include details of any observerships undertaken and your internship with the above details, but instead of responsibilities for your internship you will include the rotations you completed.

  1. Explanation of gaps in work/ practice history

Provide an explanation of any gaps in your work history. i.e. study, family commitments etc including the dates of your gap and reason.

  1. Registration History

Provide a list of your Registration history for all Registration boards where you have held Registration and include:

  1. The name of the registration authority and country
  2. dates of held registration
  3. registration number
  1. Publications

A list of any publications under your name 

  1. References

Provide a minimum of 3 references from colleagues, supervisors or other medical professionals you have worked with. For each referral include:

  1. Name and position
  2. Facility, City, State, Country
  3. Phone
  4. Email Address

At the end of your CV you must include a verification statement that states – “The Curriculum Vitae is true and correct as at DATE”

You will then have to sign and date this declaration. 

Keep in mind the Boards will only accept the original signed copy of the CV

You will also have to attach certified copies of any results or performance reports from bridging courses, skills assessments, observerships etc. that have been stated on the CV to your application. 

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