I’m Non-VR – what rates do I charge now that things have changed?

Im Non VR What Medicare rates do I charge

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I’m Non-VR- what rates do I charge now that things have changed?

Working in a MM1

If you’re a Non-VR General Practitioner working in a MM1 location, you’ll continue billing the A2 rates for your consultations. For items such as health assessments, GP management plans including chronic disease and mental health you will now bill at the “A7 rate” where you previously billed the A1.


Working in MM2 – 7

If you’re a Non-VR General Practitioner working in the MM  2 – 7 locations, you’ll bill the A7 rates.

The Map to Check for the MM: http://www.doctorconnect.gov.au/internet/otd/publishing.nsf/Content/MMM_locator

The MM regions are what you would expect- all the capital cities and the immediate surrounding.


Currently on an OMPs Program

If you’re a Non-VR General Practitioner working on an OMPs program such as AHOMPs or ROMPs then you will continue to bill as you have been until a maximum of June 2023.


Registrars of AGPT, RVTS or ACRRM Independent Pathway

You’re exempt from these changes. Any doctor who works on one of these programs will continue to bill the A1 Medicare rates that VR (Specialist) General Practitioners are entitled to.


What are A1, A2 and A7 Rates?

Medicare identifies different rates for different specialists, and different levels of specialists. The also identify different tiers within this for different types of consults. An A1 rate is a Specialist GP consult rate, A2


You can read more about this here:



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