Is there is a difference between After Hours Medical Deputising Service (AMDS) and a clinic that is open After Hours?

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Is there a difference between After Hours Medical Deputising Service (AMDS) and a clinic that is open After Hours?


In short- Yes! It’s important to understand the difference, especially if you have not completed your fellowship exams


There are two types of After Hours Medical Deputising- Clinic Based and Home Visiting. Clinics will also offer home visits as a part of their service.


As a General Practitioner seeking work, you need to understand your restrictions.

  1.  A GP who has completed their degree outside of Australia or New Zealand is restricted by 19AB, requiring them to work in a DWS. Working after-hours from 6pm allows you to meet this DWS criteria, even if the suburb is not a DWS.
  2. A GP who is a PR or citizen who is a NON VR (has not completed fellowship) is restricted by 19AA, requiring you to be on a 3GA program before you can access Medicare. Working in an afterhours clinic WILL NOT satisfy this- the clinic will need to be an accredited After Hours Medical Deputising Service (AMDS).
  3. If you after applying for Limited or Provisional AHPRA Registration, Level 1 or 2, then you will not be approved to work in an AMDS offering purely home visits. AHPRA standards confirm this is not allowed.


Working with an AMDS offering home visits only will mean RACGP will assess this experience at only 50% of the actual time worked- e.g., if you work for 2 years, it will be assessed at 12 months.


There have been changes to the After Hours model recently that is having effects on those doctors without fellowship. We will follow up with additional details about this soon!


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