Must I sit AMC Clinical or can I get Limited AHPRA Registration and work towards Fellowship without sitting the AMC Clinical?

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Can I get Limited AHPRA Registration and work towards Fellowship without sitting the AMC Clinical?

Yes, you can remain on Limited AHPRA Registration and work towards Fellowship without sitting the AMC Clinical.

So why do people choose to sit the AMC Clinical?

As the name implies, like your PESCI and the CCE (previously the OSCE) the AMC Clinical is an exam with clinical scenarios. Sitting for your AMC Clinical can be good practice for other similar exams and interviews.

Doctors under Limited AHPRA Registration are required to have supervision and will be required to sit for a PESCI when they change from one practice to another. For doctors who may wish to have the option of changing jobs or no longer requiring a supervisor, sitting the AMC Clinical gives them this autonomy.

Please be reminded that you can only renew AHPRA 3 times, and if you cannot obtain GP Fellowship in under 4 years, then you should consider sitting your AMC Clinical.

If I don’t sit for AMC Clinical

If you choose not to sit for your AMC Clinical, you’ll continue to hold Limited AHPRA Registration until you achieve fellowship and move straight to Specialist AHPRA Registration.

It’s important to remember that AHPRA will restrict further applications for Limited AHPRA Registration after 3 renewals, so you must achieve fellowship in this time or have to explain to AHPRA why you’re still working under Limited AHPRA registration.

Some Extra Information- CPD Requirements

There are slight differences in the CPD requirements for Limited and General Registration. Both require 50 hours of CPD, but General Registration must be self-directed CPD while Limited Registration is in compliance with the Supervision Plan, Work Performance Report, or other registration conditions.

Here’s more details to their differences:

Limited Registration requires you to complete a minimum of 50 hours per year, to comply with any further training as part of your Supervision Plan, Work Performance Report, or as directed by the Medical Board (This can include registration conditions, Plan for Professional Development and Return to Practice Plan or Training Plan).

General Registration requires a minimum of 50 hours of Self Directed CPD per year to be completed. As part of your CPD, you must also complete at least 1 Practice-Based reflective element; clinical audit or peer review or performance appraisal, as well as take part in activities to further develop your knowledge (this can be courses, conferences and online learning), or alternatively be able to meet the CPD requirements of a specialist medical college that is relevant to your scope of practice.

Please be reminded that both registrations must be under CPD homes by 2024.

Note: The information presented above has been updated as of 2023-09-12.

We Can Help You

Here at People Medical Consulting, we have a passion for guiding medical practitioners through their career pathways to Australia. We have extensive experience in assisting medical facilities in recruiting doctors from local and overseas who will best suit their requirements.

We provide Document Assistance for those requiring support for their PESCI with IME, ACRRM or RACGP, registration and all other mandatory AHPRA requirements, fellowship program related forms and letters, application for Medicare provider and prescriber numbers, application for 19AB or 19AA exemptions and preparation of employment documents.

If you’re looking for assistance, contact us at and we would be glad to help you.

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