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Date Updated: 2024-02-13

Unfortunately, situations can occur after you have been deemed suitable in a PESCI that mean you will not be able to work at the clinic, such as the practice withdrawing their offer. We understand these situations can be upsetting as a lot of time, effort and money goes into sitting for a PESCI and the idea of sitting for another PESCI can be highly stressful. 

Instead of sitting for another PESCI, you can find a similar practice and request a PESCI exemption. This means that the results for your prior PESCI will be deemed as suitable for your new practice and you will not have to undertake another PESCI.

What is a PESCI?

A PESCI is an interview, with a set of structured questions and scenarios to test your clinical knowledge and skills relevant to the practice where you will be working. 

A PESCI is required for all IMGs applying to work as a General Practitioner under Limited or Provisional Registration with AHPRA.

How do I get a PESCI Exemption?

Using an existing PESCI for a new position or practice may be considered as a PESCI exemption.

A PESCI is position-specific and you usually take another one if you change practices, but you may apply to AHPRA for approval to use an existing PESCI for a new position or practice if there are situations that arise after receiving a positive PESCI outcome.

Your existing PESCI may be considered if the following are similar: 

  • Position description
  • Level of responsibility
  • Nature of the health service
  • Broader health context

Note: When applying for PESCI exemption for registered doctors, you must also submit the following documents:

  • ACCL-30
  • New SPPA
  • Position Description

How do I check if my existing PESCI is transferable from one position to another?

To apply for a PESCI exemption through AHPRA, you will need to submit a request for an exemption with your original application. You will need to prepare a letter outlining why the new position or location is the same as the previous role or practice in terms of nature and the level of risk. 

AHPRA will consider your request for a PESCI exemption at the Medical Board with your full application and will let you know if these results will be transferable or if you need to sit for another PESCI. 

What is a PESCI Exemption based on?

The AHPRA board determines the eligibility for a PESCI exemption based on how long it has been since you completed your PESCI, and by comparing it with the new clinic you’re applying for to determine if the demographic and supervision is similar enough that they can see the PESCI is suitable to be transferred and assess you at the new clinic. 

We usually look at the success of a PESCI exemption by looking at:

  • If a PESCI has been completed within the past 12 months, there is a strong case for having it transferred to a new clinic
  • If a Practice demographic is very similar in population size, median age, supervision support & MMM / DPA status then there is a strong case  for having it transferred to a new clinic.

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