What item numbers do I bill as a clinic based after-hours doctor?

After Hours Medicare Item Numbers

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What item numbers do I bill as a clinic based after-hours doctor?


What Hours Are Defined As “After Hours”?

After Hours is defined as 6pm – 8am, Monday to Friday, from 12pm on Saturday and all day Sunday however; there is a difference as to when you’re eligible to bill “AHOMPS” item numbers.


What Item Numbers Can I Bill?

When based in the clinic, from 8pm – 8am, Monday to Friday, after 1pm on Saturday & all day on Sunday you can bill item numbers 5000, 5020, 5040, 5060 which is referred to as a “Non-Urgent After Hours in Consulting Rooms”


What About From 6pm – 8pm?

It is important to note that from 6pm – 8pm, normal billing items must be billed and not the above items. Many practices & doctors make this error and Medicare will identify and invoice you if they audit you and discover this is occurring.


What If I Do Home Visits?

Home Visit Item Numbers are: 585, 588, 591, 594, 599. It is important to remember that if the attendance is at consulting rooms, it is necessary for the practitioner to return to, and specially open, the consulting rooms for the attendance.


This Table Is A Handy Guide…

Taken from the AHOMPS guidelines

AHOMPS After Hours Medicare Billing

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