What salary can I expect as a GP?

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Contractor Vs Employee

Many GPs in Australia actually work as Contractors rather than Employees. This means that they are paid a percentage based on the number of patients that they see. Being a contractor means you don’t have holiday pay for annual leave or sick pay. You may also not earn superannuation. You will also need to ensure you’re putting money away as you’ll be required to pay tax on your income. It’s a good idea to sit down with an accountant who has an understanding of these arrangements to help you set up the right structure. 

What affects your potential for earning?

Your earning capacity is a mixture of the potential patient base, the practice and their ability to market you and your work ethic. As a GP, you know best how much time you need to spend with each patient and what they need. It is your responsibility to learn the MBS and understand the correct way to bill. There are courses for this now, which is great because the MBS is extensive!

Many GPs will complete additional courses to focus on certain areas within General Medicine. Courses in Skin & Dermatology, Sexual Health and other procedural work can help you increase your potential income. 

But is there a standard for earning?

Not really- it comes down to how many patients you’re seeing, what you’re seeing them for and whether there are additional qualifications you can draw from. A full time GP seeing standard consults can earn anywhere between $150,000 – $550,000. When looking at a new role, it is a good idea to find out the earning potential of GPs already working in the clinic, what hours they work and whether they have a particular focus.

NOTE: Percentage of billings is not as important as patient potential

Note: The information presented above has been updated as of 2023-12-05.

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