As part of the 2018-19 Stronger Rural Health Strategy Initiative, The Workforce Incentive Program, was launched on the 1 January 2020. Created to encourage medical practitioners to work in rural and remote areas of Australia, this program applies to the updated 2019 MM3-7 locations. Financial incentives range from $0 to $60,000 based on MMM classification and years of active service in the location. 

The MM3 category also includes MM1 and MM2 locations in which participants are also undertaking specific approved training.

Doctors who bill the MBS for eligible services will receive automated payments from the Department of Human Services by simply providing their bank account details to Human Services. Non- MBS billing doctors or those who are undertaking training will need to apply under the Flexible Payment System. 

Under the CPS, doctors must bill a minimum of $6,000 of MBS billed services in MM 3-7 locations per quarter. The maximum quarterly activity threshold for the CPS is $30,000 of MBS billed services in MM 3-7 locations.



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