Preparing your Employment Documents

We frequently get asked what needs to be included in an Employment CV, a Covering Letter and Selection Criteria when applying for jobs, so we’ve prepared some tips to help guide you. 


If you need help preparing your documents, you can also contact our team to help! 




An employment CV is used when applying for jobs. The key here is to keep it simple but informative. 


Here’s an overview of what can be included –


 Page 1 
  • Personal Contact Details
  • Qualifications (AMC Certificate, MBBS, etc)
  • Qualifying Exams (AMC MCQ & English Language Test)
  • Career Summary
 Page 2 
  • Registration Eligibility
  • Continued Professional Development 
  • References 
 Page 3 
  • Procedural Skills



Personal Details:

  • You will need to include your name, email and phone number
  • You do not need to include personal details such as your date of birth, gender or a photo.




  • Include the title of your Qualification, the university where you practiced, the location of the university and the date you received your qualification.



Qualifying Examinations:

  • Include the name of the exam and your outcome (i.e. Pass) and the specific score for your English Language Test.



Career Summary:

  • Include your Position Title, the facility name, facility location and the dates you worked.
  • If you have room on the first page, include a summary of your responsibilities as part of the role.



Registration Eligibility:

  • Include any countries where you hold registration
  • It is also great to include a section saying ‘Eligible for Limited/Provisional Registration with the Medical Board of Australia’



Continued Professional Development:

  • Include courses you have completed over the past 3 years – if this exceeds 10-15 courses, list the most recent courses.




  • List 3 Referees, ideally who have managed or supervised you in some capacity.  
  • Make sure to include their Name, Position, Facility where they work and their contact details.



Procedural Skills:

  • List the procedural skills you are Competent and have Observed in.



If you have extra space:

  • Include the details of any Observerships in Australia you have completed 
  • List the languages you can speak
  • Include an explanation for gaps in practice over 3 months
  • Include a summary of your skills
  • Include a Verification Statement



The purpose of a Cover Letter is to reflect your understanding of the job requirements and how you meet them- not the selection criteria but the opening statement where they describe the role. Include your eligibility for AHPRA registration, and your contact details. This should be a maximum of 1 page and be personalised for every position with their details (i.e. the Hospital Name).




The STAR Criteria is the desired format for most Health entities in Australia. It is designed to help you address the Selection Criteria with all the information that the assessors need to make a decision about your application. The format ensures that your responses provide evidence to support claims you make through relevant examples.


Here’s a breakdown of the STAR Criteria format:

  • Situation– In this section, you should provide a brief outline of the situation or setting of the example you intend to use. You should provide context- the role title, the location and the time period.
  • Task– In this section, you should outline what role you played as a part of the situation, describing what you did as part of this role?
  • Actions– In this section, you should outline what you did in the situation you’ve described and how you did it.
  • Results– In this section, you should outline what the outcome of the situation was, and what you achieved. Be sure to consider what the results were of what you did and how it relates to the job you are applying for.




If you are looking for further guidance on preparing your Employment documents or would like us to do it on your behalf, this is something our team can help you with. Contact us directly at [email protected].



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